Saturday, October 24, 2009

Gift Cards

Good Morning!

Well its taken me over a week to get back into the swing of things, the gardens were a mess as there were really strong winds whilst I was away, and having to go back to work (yuk). So, the week has passed, and I feel that I'm on top of things, and I missed making my cards, so I've made two cards for Stamps & Smiles Sketch Challenge 37. I've created these cards for my niece and nephew for Christmas, as they are at the teenage years, I never know what to buy, but by giving them a gift card they can purchase what they like. I will just pop the gift card in the top.

Its good to be back!

Friday, October 16, 2009


Good Morning!

I've been away in Cannes (South of France) on business, at Mipcom, which is a yearly event for the television market, where buyers from around the world come to see and purchase television programs for their respective countries. I'm not a buyer, but a TV Producer, so my main intent was to see how, and what the international market are looking for in the way of story content. Its like going to a craft show, floors full of stands, but no craft supplies unfortunately! (LOL). I was invited as a VIP guest to the Gerry Seinfeld show, he has a new reality program coming out called Marriage Refs, which he is the Executive Producer, saw a few snippets, which looks quite interesting, then he did an amazing performance, I haven't laughed liked that for a long time, that my mascara was all down my face, I looked like Alice Cooper (LOL). It took 30hrs from Sydney airport to Nice airport! Well, after two full days for meetings, saw jaw and paws, I took a weeks break and travelled by train from Cannes to Milan, Venice, Florence, Rome. I flew out of Rome via London, Singapore then home, another 30hrs, and after such a long flight, I'm standing at the carousel waiting for my suitcase, with all the other hundreds of people, the crowd getting smaller and smaller, fewer bags, I ran into a friend, and she said they had been paging me, so off I trotted to see what they wanted, and yes my bag was still in London, didn't make the flight, they will deliver to my home in the next day or so. Thank goodness I was heading home, and it didn't happen going the other way, but it taught me one thing, always travel with a change of clothes as hand luggage. So if and when my bag arrives, I will post some photo's......

Now, lets see how long before my mojo is back!

Until next time....

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