Thursday, June 3, 2010


I've not had time to do a thing this week, the weather is driving me crazy. Today we were filming in the city, my umbrella blew inside out, I then stepped in a big puddle and ended up totally drenched.... not happy!.... I'm looking forward to the weekend, as I heading to Melbourne, there are about 30 of us, and are coming in from Perth, Gold Coast and Adelaide, and the best of the bunch from Sydney (LOL) it should be lots of much as work can be. But, I'm going to really miss my buddy Sue, who is heading to London and the States on a holiday on Sunday, I hope her and Walshie have a wonderful safe trip, and look forward to hearing all about it, and seeing their photo's on there return.

Have a great weekend!


Patti said...

I've missed you! Have a great weekend and I love your new blog look!

MrsK said...

Hi Kez

I hate horrid too it just puts me in a bad mood, i love the sunshine but not when its too hot im strange LOL

Hope you have a great weekend, hopefully it be better weather for you

Enjoy it lass

Sal xx

Olga said...

bless your heart...........lets Skype Sat and you will feel better~!!

Sue W said...

Ooh I was thinking about you and the crew today ....kinda hoping you were inside filming. Me, I took my mad hair to be tamed by that clever hairdresser......Came out feeling a million dollars only to find it was pouring so my new do was a frizzie mess by the time I got to the car!!!! Hope to talk to you before we leave.

Alicia said...

Hi umbrella broke this week too...sad, because it was so big and I really liked it...nevermind. I must say I am missing the sun as well...keep dreaming of white sandy beaches and fake tans and cocktails...have a good weekend and I will catch up with you soon xx
Alicia xx

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